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Why Your Business Needs a Technical Writer

More often than not, businesses and organizations believe that anyone can write.

The task of gathering technical information, writing, and editing is given to an engineer or technical employee who hasn’t acquired any professional writer’s training or even basic skills, such as how to follow a writing style guide, or how to select and use the appropriate software for the job. This results in documentation that is hard to comprehend, full of errors and misspellings, and that doesn’t follow a common format which lends to it looking less than professional. 

Hiring a Professional Technical Writer Solves this Problem

I help clarify complicated concepts through translating business and technical jargon into simpler language, helping your organization meet the needs of your target audience. I consider content from the user’s perspective and know how to connect to your audience through professional technical documentation that is concise, impartial, and states the facts clearly. I possess the special talent of understanding complex content from both the viewpoint of industry-experts and the average consumer.

My primary objective beyond gathering information and understanding your process is to provide immaculate documentation that not only makes your organization meet its goals better, but also makes your organization look as professional as possible. 

But Don’t Think Traditional, Bland and Boring Technical Writing!

Gone are the days of pages of static text with long paragraphs that make your head swim after just a few minutes of reading it. Today’s Technical Writing demands modern formatting, styling, and supportive media to be competitive and effective.

I also have complementary skills that will enhance any kind of documentation I provide to you. These skills include web design, graphic design, motion graphics, video production, and other related skills that allow me to take your documentation to the next level. From the document layout and font to the appropriate size for charts, my job is to make your content look and read professional. 

And There’s More to Technical Writing than Just Writing

Before the writing can even begin, the information to be published must be obtained. Technical Writing relies heavily on the ability to perform research to find the right stakeholders, subject matter experts, as well as internal and external resources. In a busy organization, it can be challenging to extract the information from employees such as engineers and managers. Not all employees will have the skills to take initiative to do what it takes to coordinate the extraction of the data from all resources.

Though I am a Technical Writer, I have acquired Project Management skills that allow me to create a plan to coordinate with resources, especially those who are hard to pin down, and to find workarounds and other solutions to help extract all of the data you want to publish.

Your Documentation is One Element of Many that Complete Your Company Brand

It is just as much part of your product as its other features and should complement it accordingly.  Colors, styles, and logos can go a long way to making the documentation look like your documentation.

Hiring a Contract Technical Writer is a Win for Businesses that Aren’t Ready to Commit to Hiring a Full Time Technical Writer

Documentation Services I Provide
  • SOPs
  • Employee procedures
  • Instructional materials
  • Installation & user guides
  • How-tos and troubleshooting 
  • Help desk and customer service processes
  • Software, devops, IT & IS procedures
  • Company policy and procedure
  • White papers
  • Business Plans & Strategic Plans

Businesses That Benefit From My Services

Businesses and organizations of any size will benefit from my Technical Writing service. From small businesses to large corporations, the benefit of a contract Technical Writer cannot be overstated. My services are often contracted for startups, software and app developers, IT departments, product manufacturers, service industries, and simply any businesses that rely on technical information being disseminated to an audience base.

Hiring a contract Technical Writer is an excellent solution for many businesses that aren’t ready to commit to hiring a full time technical writer on their staff. You can bring me on for short-term projects, and we can knock them out faster than you would with an internal employee.

Publishing Options

Print Publishing

I can prepare your documentation including graphical content and prepare it for professional printing. I understand the graphic design requirements to prepare various forms of media for print, thus eliminating the need to hire a graphic designer for the project which will save your business money.

Online hosted

I also have web design skills and can publish your documentation on Confluence or other wiki and knowledge base software, SharePoint sites, etc. Check out my Hugo static hmtl knowlede base which can be developed and customized for your business!

I can also design responsive web pages for easy mobile and online viewing. I have the skills to build static web pages, as well as installing and developing websites using content management systems such as WordPress to host the documentation.

Complementary Skills

Besides being a Technical Writer, I have other complementary skills that I can bring to your documentation to enhance it:

Graphic Design

Web Design

Motion Graphics

Video Production

Gone are the days of boring, brain numbing text-only documentation. I go above and beyond and incorporate static graphics, motion graphics, video, and other media at your request to your documentation to make it more professional and modern looking,  which in turn will make it more engaging, and easier to understand.

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